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Make your data work together.

We are Intelliact: Creative PLM architects, independent and dedicated to turning your product data into true team players for added value.

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1 Unlock potential

The demands on product lifecycle management (PLM) are becoming ever more complex. Throughout the lifecycle of a product, vast amounts of data are generated. Linking up all this data is essential.

Optimise your system­landscape
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2 Use smarter solutions

As independent specialists, we tailor solutions to speed up your data flow.

Use product data
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3Explore new opportunities

Make your data work for you. Data interaction forms the basis of efficient processes and new business models.

Speed up processes
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4Realize full potential

Consistent product data form the basis for achieving:

  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Custom solutions
  • In-depth customer relationships
Create added digital value

5Implement the Digital Product

We would be happy to help you link your departments’ product data using our 'Digital Product' concept, both within and beyond the limits of your company.

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