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Independent. Experienced. Integral.

With many years of experience, our team of independent specialists find tailor-made solutions for you, helping you to turn your product data into a team player! This speeds up your data flow, enables process optimization and helps you formulate new business models.
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Intelliact AG
Siewerdtstrasse 8
CH-8050 Zürich
+41 44 315 67 40
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Here's what our customers have to say:

Objectivity! Intelliact does not sell any PLM/PDM products and has a broad knowledge of the vendors and their advantages and disadvantages.
Adrian Seiler
Adrian Seiler
ABB Turbosystems AG
Agile concept development, good visualization of the problems and competent employees.
Urs Kehrli
Urs Kehrli
Belimo Automation AG
I appreciated working with the pleasant team, their in-depth technical knowledge, and their open communication.
Jonathan Hangartner
Jonathan Hangartner
Belimed-Sauter AG
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