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Our PLM Open Hours offer you a balanced mix of theory and practice, at our usual high standard. Our webinars are aimed at all PLM, process, product and marketing managers. Take part in our next PLM Open Hour:

B2B shop of Thommen Medical AG: With networked product data to competitive advantage (in German)

Dentists can select and directly order the dental implants they need, including the appropriate products, according to their requirements in the new B2B shop of Thommen Medical AG.

The Swiss manufacturer of high-quality dental implants with its own research, development and production implemented the B2B shop together with Intelliact with, among other things, an integrated configurator and "scan-in shopping cart", which further simplifies the ordering process by scanning in via smartphone.

Integrated with the ERP backbone SAP, a solution architecture was created that takes into account the global growth targets and enables good performance worldwide.

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Past PLM Open Hours Topics (all in German)

CAD/PDM: Data migration.

A CAD/PDM data migration can be necessary for various reasons and can be implemented in different forms. In addition to a company merger or cost reduction in IT, technical aspects of the CAD/PDM systems (end of life, unsuitable range of functions) often give reason to migrate PLM or CAD data from an existing system into a new system landscape.

In this PLM Open Hour, you will find out what needs to be taken into account during a CAD/PDM data migration and which basic procedures are available.

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PLM architecture of the future

True to the motto "data is the new gold", companies today are confronted not only with internal processes, but also with the increasing demands of their partners and customers. This is because they have to disclose to them access to a large amount of product data, which requires them to leave their own systems without storing duplicates of product data.

So what does today's IT architecture look like and how does the resulting interaction between the individual company applications and domains shape up?

In this Open Hour, we used examples to show how modern approaches can be used to increase the agility of the IT infrastructure so that companies can adapt to changing market conditions as quickly as possible.

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CAD in the Cloud

The increasing cloudification of enterprise applications does not stop at creator systems. This raises the question of whether companies should, or even must, consider a cloud solution for CAD? And if so, under what conditions is this even possible and what needs to be considered?

In this OpenHour we will show you what can be expected from "real" CAD in the Cloud systems today, what opportunities can be realised, but also what challenges can be expected.

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PDM-Datenmigration mit CAD-Wechsel

PLM Open Hour on Monday, 6 September 2021

Due to the positive feedback on the last Open Hour and the increased technical and content-related questions on the procedure in a CAD data migration, we are taking up this topic again.
The different CAD objects place different demands on the extraction from the source system, the conversion of the CAD data and the import into the target system.

In this PLM Open Hour, you will learn what needs to be considered in the individual steps of a PDM data migration with CAD change and how Intelliact has been able to successfully support customers in this endeavour.

We look forward to your participation

PLM Open Hours - Code of Conduct
The PLM Open Hours are a public service of Intelliact AG and are aimed at existing and potential customers. All other interested participants are also welcome to attend and ask questions. In the interest of fairness, we ask software vendors and competitors of Intelliact AG to refrain from directly influencing or contacting other participants. Thank you very much.

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