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Benefit from flat hierarchies and quick decisions, where your professional expertise and technical vision take center stage. Get involved in an environment that recognizes your ingenuity, shape projects, and find support in a strong team that values personal responsibility. Experience a strong culture of innovation that puts research into practice.

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Senior Consultant Anna-Lena Müller im Kundengespräch
Anna-Lena Müller, Senior Consultant at Intelliact AG talking to customers
Simon Stucki, Senior Application Engineer at Intelliact, in conversation with Intelliact colleagues
Simon Stucki, Senior Application Engineer at Intelliact, in conversation with Intelliact colleagues
Andi Rückauer, Senior Application Engineer at Intelliact, in dialogue
Andi Rückauer, Senior Application Engineer at Intelliact, in dialogue
Senior Consultants von Intelliact AG auf ihrem Kundenanlass in der Giesserei-Oerlikon
Senior consultants from Intelliact AG at their customer event in Giesserei-Oerlikon

Work with Intelliact

Our Vision

«Make your data work together» All the product data of a certain company are universally and consistently characterized throughout the life cycle of a product. Everyone in the company can access all necessary information immediately.

Our Mission

Our mission is to integrate product data so that it interacts in an agile, intelligent and communicative way. This new interaction enables product data to be used consistently and speeds up data flow to new business models.

Innovative Environment

With us, you can combine your communicative strength, your creative skills and your technical skills. We provide you with exciting tasks in an innovative environment, offering a high degree of flexibility and individual responsibility.

Motivated Individuals

Working within an experienced team, each employee acts independently on customer projects and thus contributes significantly to the success of Intelliact AG.

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Employee voices

That's what our employees say:

For 14 years, I have been bringing not only experience but also passion to the orchestration of product data at Intelliact. Daily challenges motivate me to work in interdisciplinary teams to develop the most effective solutions, always looking for real customer value.

Dr. Martin Probst
Dr. Martin Probst
Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant at Intelliact, I find it exciting to tease out the special features of individual customers. In our motivated team, we encourage and challenge each other. We are constantly growing and we grow together. The freedom and personal responsibility make every day something special.

Anna-Lena Müller
Anna-Lena Müller
Senior Consultant

I appreciate the independent work, the flat hierarchies, and the opportunity to shape projects. I have the full support of the team. I contribute my ideas and help shape them. This makes my work very exciting and varied.

Ben Siegenthaler
Ben Siegenthaler
Application Engineer
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Silvia Schibli
Silvia Schibli
Management of Financial Accounting and Personnel Administration
Certificate Social Security
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