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To turn product data into an integral part of your business and create value, you need to know how to optimize system landscapes, make consistent use of product data, and accelerate these processes. Intelliact deals with developments and trends that we like to share here.

Smart Sales Journey

What does your future sales process look like?


How specialists and managers in the sales departments of B2B companies use networked product data to successfully plan, implement and apply digital consistency for marketing, sales, engineering, production and service. It enables you to inform your customers around the clock, provide holistic advice and accelerate the sales process.

Basis for industry 4.0

Concept "Digital Product"


Downstream business processes access information from the "digital product" and can use it efficiently. The concept is based on a defined and consistent data and information structure.

PLM from the perspective of Intelliact AG

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)


Using PLM, the right information is available at the right time in the right form and in the right place. The goal is to create a continuous integration of all data, processes, documents and applications along the entire product life cycle.

Historical developments

Industry 4.0 - influence on the product


The task of industrial companies today is to act customer-centered. With digitization, customers demand more options, more variety and have their own ideas about how to buy and use their products. This development has a relevant influence on product structuring.

tekom annual conference 2018

From editor to information manager


The future handling of information and its preparation and use will change the way an editor thinks and works in the long term. Find out why.

Created added digital value

IT Architecture for Digital Commerce


Only by breaking down application silos and domains is it possible to quickly implement digital commerce based on PLM and to make it flexible and scalable.

Use product data consistently

Consistent product data about the process


The requirements for integrated product structures, whether in engineering, production or service, are primarily defined by the product life cycle.

Use product data consistently

IoT - What it means for PLM


PLM is an essential prerequisite for exploiting the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT). Linking up all this data brings considerable added value for all within the product lifecycle.

Use product data consistently

Agile product development


Agile: The methodology originates in software development, in which specific processes and conditions prevail. Can you easily adapt agile methods to your field?

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The Digital Twin


How does Intelliact's digital product concept relate to the Digital Twin? Learn more.

Accelerate Processes

The central element of the digitization strategy


Find out what role product structures play in the digitization strategy and why consistency between the structures is essential.

Created added digital value

IoT as an opportunity for product managers


We introduce mechanisms and a concept that enable you to identify opportunities for new technologies - such as the Internet of Things (IoT) - and develop products to add value to your customers.


Here's what our customers have to say:

Since the 3D configurator has been in use, sales of EAO EMERGENCY STOP buttons in the U.S. has increased by more than 300 percent at one distributor.

David Kramer
David Kramer
Head of Corporate Communications, EAO AG

Objectivity! Intelliact does not sell any PLM/PDM products and has a broad knowledge of the vendors and their advantages and disadvantages.

Adrian Seiler
Adrian Seiler
ABB Turbosystems AG

Agile concept development, good visualization of the problems and competent employees.

Urs Kehrli
Urs Kehrli
Belimo Automation AG

I appreciated working with the pleasant team, their in-depth technical knowledge, and their open communication.

Jonathan Hangartner
Jonathan Hangartner
Belimed-Sauter AG
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