Use product data consistently

Agile Product­development

Agile methods are characterized by, among other things, unparalleled customer loyalty and flexible solutions. "Agile" seems to be the answer to the dynamic enterprise environment. The method originally comes from software development within specific framework conditions. Can you easily adapt agile methods to your field?

Bringing agility to product development

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Accept challenges

You know this already: product development following detailed specifications might mean that the result, while fulfilling the specification, no longer corresponds to the customer's wishes at delivery. Agile methods in product development provide a remedy, but do not mean less planning; rather, thorought planning is essential.

Change thinking fundamentally

The agile way of working is not just about project and process design, but about accepting a cultural change in the company. Only when employees, executives and customers adopt the agile way of thinking and adhere to agile values, can proper organization occur: working in a team in a solution-oriented manner and no longer just according to "assignment".

Master changes quickly

Agile does not mean that it has to be faster and faster. Agile working ensures that the right steps that generate the most value are implemented. It enables short-term changes without any loss of value.

Head in the right direction

At the beginning of the process, there are usually many uncertainties with unforeseeable resolutions. The agile approach is designed for this. Initially, it defines the requirements and framework conditions. The individual tasks are then specified and edited from iteration to iteration. Iterations and the regular delivery of partial results ensure that the final result delivered satisfies the customer.

Make product data consistently available

Among other things, the basis of agile product development is the transparency and availability of data. This allows all decisions, outcomes and insights to be efficiently routed back into the process and made available to those who need them. If product data is displayed in a structured, digital format, you are one step closer to agile product development.

Intelliact's Expertise

Product data structured according to processes

  • Intelliact does not advise on agile product development itself.
  • Intelliact structures and links product data.
  • Intelliact advises, designs and guarantees the successful implementation of the "Digital Product" concept.
  • Intelliact applies agile methods to software development.
  • Intelliact is currently working on four PLM / PIM projects that use an agile approach, using Intelliact agile methods.

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