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IT Architecture for Digital Commerce

PLM becomes the central starting point for digital business and digital presence. Only by breaking down application silos and domains is it possible to quickly implement digital commerce based on PLM and to make it flexible and scalable.

Architecture for the Digital Product

Digitization is not a question of the system, but a question of functions and services! How do data generate benefits? Which business models bring benefits? Which business models can I use to generate benefits from data? How can user needs best be met? How can the value chain be represented transparently?

Modern, scalable IT architectures for digital commerce rely entirely on the "digital product" concept and the company applications already available. We present methods for the evaluation of architecture variants and outline a recommended procedure.

Recording of the PLM Open Hour with Marco Egli (in German)

PLM Open Hour Presentation (in German)

IT-Architektur für Digital Commerce from Intelliact AG

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