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Networked product data

Intelliact's "Digital Product" concept describes the product with its product data, how the data is structured, networked and consistently represented in different systems. The "Digital Product" networks product data from all departments, even beyond company boundaries.

Why concept "digital product"?

Product data should be used and maintained as optimally as possible. This requires data and information structures that are valid throughout the company so that product data can be represented consistently in different systems. Data generated by product development and engineering can be used in downstream business processes, for example, in production, assembly, sales, logistics, and service.

The aim is to be able to access and efficiently use the information of the "digital product" throughout the product life cycle.

Goal of the "Digital Product"

Konzept «Digitales Produkt» | Intelliact AG
Konzept «Digitales Produkt» | Intelliact AG

Based on Intelliact's PUT principle

Intelligently structured products, optimal business processes and tailor-made software are the basis for the "digital product". A sustainable and desired increase in efficiency and quality is only given if the aspects of PUT are coordinated.

PUT-Prinzip | Intelliact AG
PUT-Prinzip | Intelliact AG

PUT influences the "Digital Product"

  • Intelligent structured products
  • Optimized business processes
  • Tailor-made IT tools

The (left: /was-wir-tun/produktdaten-produktstrukturen-produktändernändern text: Product structuring target: _blank) aims to map the variance of products with the relevant information. This is the prerequisite for a continuous flow of information from customer to customer.

The product structures Business Processes allow to implement customer requirements as quickly as possible. All necessary data of the "digital product" are collected in a structured way along the entire product life cycle, so that they are available to areas downstream of development.

To implement the two modules described above, carefully selected and coordinated IT tools in your company. The ideal interaction of the IT tools is necessary in order to be able to optimally manage and efficiently use the data of the "digital product".

Concept "Digital Product"

Your benefits

The "Digital Product" concept

  • contains an optimal setup of the product structure as a basis for a continuous flow of information,
  • describes business processes that are tailored to the product structure and
  • defines the IT tools and their interfaces that are necessary from the point of view of product structure and company processes.

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