Modern Web Development 2019

Digital as part of the corporate landscape

Front-end technologies such as React, Angular and Vue.js changed the expectations of users as to how a modern web application should react. Serverless computing, cloud functions and architecture concepts like Headless CMS turn the well-known web development on its head.

Modern Webdevelopment 2019

Intelliact and Eyekon won with the Project "Webshop Compona" at the Best of Swiss Web (BOSW) 2019 high-ranking prizes like

  • Gold in Technology,
  • Silver in Digital Commerce and
  • Bronze in Innovation.

They were included in the shortlist for Usability and were appointed as Master Candidate.
CTOs, developers as well as technically interested marketers wanted to know how Intelliact AG and Eyekon AG managed to do this and received an update on current topics in web development from Marco Egli, Senior Consultant at Intelliact AG and Jonas Fahrni, technical management & consulting at Eyekon AG at the beginning of June 2019.

The workshop participants learned which architectures and technologies are relevant today, what advantages they bring in development as well as for the user and how to build a solution that can keep up with the times in the long run.

Practical workshop with useful tips

"The workshop was very practical with valuable concrete tips. Thank you for that," emphasizes Daniel Niklaus, owner of Netlive IT AG (Artificial Intelligence).

"Whoever approaches a task with standard tools only reproduces what everyone else already has. Just 'me too'. We try to show how the process from the functional conception, the selection of the right tools to a successful product works", says Jonas Fahrni.


Marco Egli und Jonas Fahrni während ihres Workshops «Modern Webdevelopment 2019»
Marco Egli und Jonas Fahrni während ihres Workshops «Modern Webdevelopment 2019»

Interview with Marco Egli, Senior Consultant Intelliact AG

**How long have you been online?
My first professionally created web application dates back to 2005. It was a simple application for tracking the progress of content projects in a document management system. Privately, however, I have been creatively on the Internet for over 20 years. During a short research I just found an archive from the year 1997.

**Your talk is about modern web development. What has changed that one should see your presentation?
With the digital transformation, the integration of new, digital business models into the existing corporate landscape is becoming more and more important for companies. New technologies and trends promise a lot - but with the multitude of existing technologies, the challenge of actively using them is growing.

You have won the Best of Swiss Web Gold Award How do you make sure that your company is always up-to-date?
For years, we have relied on an architecture that allows for constant innovation without ever taking a giant step. With constant progress and regular internal exchange within the team, we keep up with the immense amount of new ideas.

**What fascinates you personally about the Internet?
The originally democratic principle that everyone can contribute to design and use.

The interview was conducted by Daniel Niklaus and was first published on Internet-Briefing

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