The digitalization of Sales communication in B2B

Smart Sales optimizes digital sales communication and thus alleviates the sales process of sophisticated products. This brings benefits to all parties involved - the customers, the sales as well as the engineering department.

Connected product data and customer centricity lead to a smart digital sales process

Design a digital and data-driven sales process and make it "smart", step-by-step: This whitepaper illustrates for specialists and managers in the sales departments of B2B companies how to use networked product data to successfully plan, implement and apply digital consistency for marketing, sales, engineering, production and service. It enables you to inform your customers around the clock, provide holistic advice and accelerate the sales process.

From our last International PLM Conference: View and download presentation

At the last International PLM conference you learned about the advantages of a smart sales process for the customer and the company and how such a process could be designed.

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Get the most out of your product data

Companies are differentiating themselves not only through their products, but also through product-related digital services that are tailored to the individual customer. This results in many advantages: shorter time-to-market, efficient business processes, as well as deepened customer relationships through an optimized customer journey.

Consistent and well-organized product data form an essential basis for digital services in sales, development, production, and service.

We would be happy to help you link your departments’ product data using our 'Digital Product' concept, both within and beyond the limits of your company.
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