Case study Bucher Connect

Global after-sales platform with powerful IoT features

How Bucher Municipal uses IoT data to offer customers efficient fleet management with detailed vehicle information and a geographical overview.

  • Leading global supplier of vehicles and equipment for cleaning and clearance work
  • More than 2400 employees
  • 19 production sites
  • 5 service and sales centres
  • Numerous offices spread across five continents


Efficiency through optimised data flow and result-oriented KPIs

Bucher Connect is a service platform with fleet management for Bucher Municipal vehicles. The solution not only provides a comprehensive overview of the operational status of a fleet, but also of the services provided and the current positions with the help of IoT data. In addition, seasonal challenges such as the disposal of waste after big events such as the Street Parade or leaves in autumn can be supported with rented vehicles as a fleet supplement by Bucher Connect – for both end customers and rental companies.

Bucher Municipal's customers now benefit from an optimised platform that minimises downtime and costs and provides an improved overview and performance control of the fleets.

Intelliact could contribute to a fundamental change and improvemnt of Bucher Municipal's platform. The powerful platform enables customers to analyse both the consumption and performance of their fleet in real time on a daily and annual basis. This provides customers with real-time monitoring of critical operating parameters, enabling them to optimise energy consumption and achieve further approach their sustainability goals. An addtional improvement is the direct linking of the relevant product data with the respective vehicle, which means, for example, that the associated documents are not only to be found in a decoupled area.

The most important advantages of the service platform:

  • Overview of the fleet: display of all owned and any rental vehicles and their condition.
  • Results-oriented KPIs: The most important KPIs at a glance for efficient fleet management based on IoT data. The KPIs can be filtered across time periods.
  • Performance improvements: Reduction of data processing time from previously roughly 8 hours to near real-time.
  • Integration of various map features: e.g. current locations of fleet vehicles, location where an error occurred, detailed route of a job with information on work mode and utilisation.
  • Role-based access rights: Personalised data views according to user role.
  • Comprehensive vehicle documentation: The product documentation is where it is needed: on the vehicle.

Facts & Figures

Thousands of vehicles, millions of data points, analysis in seconds

The vehicles:

  • complete tens of thousands of journeys every week,
  • send millions of position data to the Bucher Connect service platform every day.

The data sent:

  • processed by the system in less than five minutes,
  • are calculated and displayed by the platform according to a user's access rights.
From vehicle to Bucher Connect: intelligent networking of vehicles, data streams, databases and users
From vehicle to Bucher Connect: intelligent networking of vehicles, data streams, databases and users


Increased performance and user-specific data management

Intelliact reorganised the platform together with the Bucher Municipal project team and the UX and UI specialists Eyekon AG. The customer journeys were defined based on customer interviews. This resulted in a clearly defined concept for fleet management, the new design and the associated UI modules.

In addition to optimising user-friendliness, technical improvements were an important focus. The performance of the platform was increased through a structured and optimised arrangement of the IoT data. For example, the loading time of a vehicle overview was accelerated by a factor of 20. Intelliact has also optimised the networking of product data with the vehicles. With the help of Headless CMS, Bucher Municipal's product managers are now able to manage relevant product data such as operating instructions and error messages in one place and use it in different contexts.

Intelliact's tasks at a glance

  • Development and implementation of a fleet management strategy and associated data model that enables better management of the vehicle fleet, also for rental and service organisations,
  • Development of customer journeys for the various roles to guarantee a user-oreinted user experience with appropriate design,
  • Development of the platform and the web application,
  • System architecture according to the MACH principle,
  • Integration and optimisation of real-time IoT data using a timeseries DB,
  • Security concept using threat modelling,
  • Migration of existing data to the new platform.


Ensuring increased efficiency and user-orientation

The main task was to efficiently structure the IoT data and create a user-friendly interface for customer-specific KPIs. Another focus was on integrating customer requirements into the new platform.

Challenges overcome

  • Overcoming technical limitations of the old platform as a basis for further growth.
  • Improving the user experience by incorporating specific customer needs, captured through customer interviews.
  • High-performance real-time evaluations in the form of KPIs that take into account vehicles, their connection to the organisation and the associated roles.
  • Integrative collaboration between Bucher and Intelliact developers using modern methods and tools.
  • From kick-off to concept development and implementation to go-live within one year.

Today, Bucher Connect is characterised by a strong user focus and efficient data management that is tailored to the needs of Bucher's customers and service provider organisations.

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