Case Study Carmarket

Digital change in the B2C vehicle trade

How a new, innovative platform is making the purchase and leasing of cars completely digital.

  • Online sales platform since 2023
  • For vehicles that have been inspected by experts (B2C)
  • Developed and operated in Switzerland


Buying and leasing tested vehicles digitally

Digitalisation also brings new challenges and opportunities to the vehicle trade. Customers are increasingly active online and expect innovative digital solutions when searching for a vehicle as well as for the entire purchase or leasing process. With the Carmarket application, Intelliact has developed a new, secure and user-friendly B2C marketplace that connects dealers and end customers completely digitally and sets new standards in the vehicle trade with valuable additional functions. Carmarket makes it easy to compare, buy and lease vehicles from professionals online. Users also benefit from an intelligent search function, secure payment processing and exclusive information about the vehicles via an integrated online magazine.

Products and data fully integrated

The decisive advantage for dealers is that Carmarket fully connects and synchronises their physical presence and online trading. Vehicle data only needs to be entered once and is subsequently integrated into various systems, including customer support and analytics tools. This allows dealers to easily manage and analyse their data centrally. In addition, all Carmarket data is end-to-end, i.e. it is consistent over the entire life cycle of the product. Carmarket thus ensures more efficient business processes - retailers can focus on their core competencies and further optimise their customer service.


Fully digitalised processes, valuable additional functions

As a B2C platform with fully digitalised processes, Carmarket offers many advantages for dealers and end customers alike and impresses with numerous functions that other vehicle market platforms cannot offer:

  • In contrast to pure listing platforms, cars can be purchased or leased directly online at Carmarket, with a genuine payment link directly to the dealer.
  • All vehicles on offer are checked by automotive experts
    Carmarket is faster than other platforms
  • Carmarket's intuitive free text search is much more powerful than conventional search functions
  • Vehicles can be marked as favourites and added to a watch list without registration
  • Thanks to the comparison tool, vehicles from different manufacturers can be compared (even with different information and differently labelled equipment)


Ensuring a fully digital product lifecycle

The challenge for Intelliact was to develop a state-of-the-art application that would seamlessly connect to the seller's workplace, enabling a fully digital product lifecycle. While Intelliact implemented the Carmarket application with a MACH architecture (microservices, API-first, cloud-native and headless), Eyekon AG was responsible for creating the designs and UX.


A state-of-the-art application for speed, efficiency and consistent data quality

When developing the Carmarket application, Intelliact relied on the latest technologies to make the platform fast, cross-device and powerful and to cater for a high number of users. Intelliact also seamlessly connected the application with the sales workplace to create a fully digital product lifecycle. The transfer and integration of all data into the connected tools ensures optimal data quality and up-to-dateness and brings a significant increase in efficiency for the connected retailers.

As an added bonus, Intelliact has developed a function that allows content from the Carmarket online magazine to be linked directly to matching vehicles in the application. This allows interested parties to find suitable cars with just one click. This makes the Carmarket platform an excellent example of the digital future in the vehicle trade - benefiting both the trade and the end customer.


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