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Intelliact project "3D Configurator" receives four awards

"Gold", 2x "Silver" and "Bronze" for the new "EAO 3D Configurator" - that was the pleasing result of the "Best of Swiss Web Award Night 2021". We are overwhelmed by the success. Thank you for the great cooperation EAO and Eyekon AG.

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Worth its weight in gold: "EAO 3D Configurator"

Intelliact implemented the "EAO 3D configurator" and together with their partner Eyekon AG received four awards at the "Best of Swiss Web Award" 2021. "We have contributed to one of the best web projects in Switzerland. Great!", said Marco Egli, Senior Consultant at Intelliact.

5 times awarded

The EAO 3D Configurator for B2B convinced the jury

Intelliact is overwhelmed by the success at the 🏆 Best of Swiss Web 2021. We would like to thank EAO and Eyekon AG for the great cooperation. In addition to the 4 awards, Intelliact also received the best rating from the jury in the Master Prize.

Gold Productivity

Best of Swiss Web 2021

Silver Business

Best of Swiss Web 2021

Silver DigitalCommerce

Best of Swiss Web 2021

Bronce Usability

Best of Swiss Web 2021

Bild: BOSW
Bild: BOSW

Judgment of the BOSW jury

"*The "EAO 3D Configurator" is a productivity coup. The idea of building an emergency button configurator with AR support completely convinced the jury. The online construction kit supports customers regardless of language and culture anywhere in the world. The entire sales process has been significantly optimized both internally and externally.

The Sales-USP is the distributor-independent order. Here, a useful case for AR was identified and implemented visually ingeniously.

This 360-degree implementation is worth its weight in gold!*"


Best of Swiss Web Award

Every year, the "Best of Swiss Web Award" honors the most innovative, successful and remarkable web projects in Switzerland.
This year, around 350 projects were submitted. More than 100 jurors in around ten competition categories contribute their expertise to ensure that each submitted project receives the assessment it deserves.

Unique solution

Intelligent, digital product configurator

Interdisciplinary collaboration between Eyekon (frontend) and Intelliact's product data specialists (backend) has resulted in an intelligent, digital NOT-HALT configurator - a interactive, photo-realistic 3D tool that helps engineers and designers configure modular products according to their personal needs and in an intuitive way.

"EAO's solution beautifully demonstrates how networked product data can be used to create value for customers," said Patrick Henseler, senior consultant and managing director at Intelliact.

Read the Case Study "EAO 3D Configurator (in German)

Video from EAO

The interactive, virtual 3D tool

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