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Digital 3D configurator for EMERGENCY STOP buttons

  • Swiss family business founded in 1947
  • Leading global manufacturer of keys, keypads, control elements, HMI control units and HMI systems
  • Over 600 dedicated employees
  • Worldwide production and sales network

Unique solution: intelligent, digital product configurator

In an interdisciplinary collaboration between Eyekon (frontend) and Intelliact's product data specialists (backend), an intelligent, digital EMERGENCY STOP configurator has been created - an interactive, photo-realistic 3D tool that helps engineers and designers configure modular products according to their personal needs and in an intuitive way.

"EAO's solution beautifully demonstrates how networked product data can be used to create value for customers," said Patrick Henseler, Senior Consultant and Managing Director at Intelliact.

Challenge: selling configurable products with interchangeable components via distributors

EAO manufactures highly complex human machine interfaces (HMI) such as control elements for cockpits, door openers or emergency stop buttons. The company wants to guarantee customers short delivery times worldwide and therefore sells its own products through brand-leading distributors. However, in order to be able to present the best possible solution for customers with the corresponding components, expert knowledge is required, which was previously not possible via the various distribution channels. This is because EAO's globally certified E-STOP buttons have to meet specific requirements in various industries: They consist of several components that can be configured in a wide variety of ways - which in the past could lead to uncertainty when selecting products.

Implemented: from networked product data to an intelligent, digital product configurator

To improve the customer experience, the intelligent, digital EMERGENCY STOP configurator was developed. It provides access to more than 130 components and accessories that can be individually combined to create more than 2,000 different customised combinations.

Together, Intelliact, Eyekon and EAO defined the product data required for the customer journey and how it could be used and linked from the company systems. This was because redundant, isolated data storage was to be avoided for the catalogue.

Today, the photo-realistic product images are created automatically on the basis of the CAD data. This eliminates the need for time-consuming photographing or re-modelling of products.

The implementation and integration of the Smart Sales concept was realised in cooperation with Eyekon. In recent years, they have implemented several Smart Sales projects.

Configurator for EMERGENCY STOP buttons
Configurator for EMERGENCY STOP buttons
Benefits for EAO and customers

Quickly and efficiently to the right product

To prevent incorrect orders, the system only suggests compatible components. In this way, customers find the right product as quickly and efficiently as possible - thanks to networked product data across their master systems (PIM, PDM, ERP) and also thanks to a responsive user interface both via desktop PCs and mobile devices.

To enhance the customer experience, all components and product configurations are rendered as photo-realistic 3D images on a server and visualised in real-time. In an automated process, remarkable performance is achieved without compromising on detail: Different material properties, such as surface texture or light reflection, exactly reflect their real-life counterparts.

The product experience is deepened even further in various "Experience Views", in which the appearance of the product can be rotated, mounted on a measuring grid, or simulated in the dark.

Target analysis of the customer journey towards a smart sales process:

  • Customers are efficiently supported in the selection and configuration of products
  • Customers can carry out product selection and configuration independently and fully. On the one hand, this increases customer satisfaction and, on the other hand, reduces the internal effort required for consultation.
  • The networking of products with integration of CAD data for product images significantly reduces internal maintenance efforts and additionally improves the customer experience
  • Data links enable intelligent recommendations: suitable accessories are displayed for each component or configuration

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