Case Study PLM Ecosystem Hexagon

PLM Ecosystem Optimises Data Consistency and Quality

How Hexagon has integrated additional product data from internal and external roles into the new PDM system and provided corresponding views of product structures.


  • Leading global provider of sensor, software and autonomous solutions
  • Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden
  • 24,000 employees in 50 countries
  • Develops and produces for infrastructure, mobility and the public sector


Reliable Data Basis and Close Integration of Departments

PDM integration and consistency between the product structures, including change management, ensure a reliable data basis.


Modern PDM System as Global "Single Point of Truth"

The PDM system is established as a global "single point of truth" for product data, increasing reliability of these data enormously.

  • In addition to the CAD structure and Engineering BOM, the PDM-integrated change management also covers the Manufacturing BOM and Service BOM, which is the prerequisite for "complete" changes
  • The involvement of all roles promotes the consistent and task-specific maintenance as well as utilisation of product data


Implementation of a New, Modern PDM System

Hexagon's aim was to replace the existing PDM system, whose discontinuation was predictable, ahead of time by a modern, state-of-the-art PDM system as part of a strategic initiative. Intelliact supported the project right from the start and paid particular attention to the following aspects during implementation:

  • Consistency of data structures and strengthening PDM as a "single point of truth" - these potentials were already identified in advance
  • A solution and a work paradigm that is harmonised in its basic features, but still grants sufficient degrees of freedom to the various divisions with their distinct requirements
  • Optimisation of data quality in the long term


PLM Analysis and Concept as well as PDM System Benchmark

Firstly, Intelliact carried out a broad-based PLM analysis. Based on the findings, Intelliact developed a PLM concept including comprehensive requirement specification system benchmark with several providers. Moreover, Intelliact provided detailed concept support for the implementation of:

  • CAD-BOM alignment
  • PDM-integrated Manufacturing Bill of materials (MBOM)
  • PDM-integrated Service Bill of Materials (SBOM)
  • PDM-integrated Engineering Change Management (ECM)
  • PDM-integrated material management as well as substance and export compliance incl. connection to supplier declaration portal, supplier parts in PDM
  • ECAD integration (incl. component library)
  • Data migration concept
    As part of the project, Intelliact was also responsible for the comprehensive PLM process definition/documentation and provided significant support for the system and process training. In addition, Intelliact continues to sit on the PLM process committee.

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