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Electronic Change Management

From paper trail to smart solution

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Rapid market changes require that every manufacturing company makes changes to products simply, quickly, and completely. However, if changes are documented analogously and passed on across departments, information is not immediately accessible to each employee, and processes are confusing and time-consuming.

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Goal: Central & automated control of the entire change process

The aim of the Kistler Group was central and automated control of their entire change process – from the idea of change to its implementation in the affected departments of the company, e.g. with automatic task assignment and a real-time viewable status of the change.

Implemented: Complete changes in the shortest time

Thanks to the electronic and automated control of the entire change process, the Kistler Group is now able to process and implement changes in the shortest possible time.

Assessing the impact of a change helps the Kistler Group to choose the optimal action.

The entire product change process is now transparent. This means that, for example, the current status of a change or the re-introduction of a product can be viewed in real time.

Plan efficiently and track changes

Changes can already be assigned to the correct processing at the beginning of implementation. This is calculated via the product structure, from which the responsible departments can be determined.

What the process highlights:

It then allows staff to plan the change process efficiently and keep track of it until the appropriate measures have been taken in the relevant departments.

Advantageous cross-departmental change management


Consistent master and transaction data

Intelliact and the Kistler group designed and developed a stand-alone web application capable of retrieving and restoring product data between existing PDM and ERP systems.

Electronic and automated control of the entire process was possible with a rule-based approach derivated from the product data.

Consistent master data and documents from the PDM as well as transaction data from the ERP were indispensable for the implementation. The Kistler Group linked all the data together in a manner that reflected the process orientation.

From the beginning, the Kistler Group had a very clear idea of the task that needed to be carried out and the process required to do so. This formed the basis of the optimal digitization and implementation.

We would be delighted to assist you in connecting and networking the product data from all your departments using our «Digital Product» concept, beyond the boundaries of your company if required.

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