Case Study Sunparadise

Faster order processing for configurable products

How Sunparadise maps configuration knowledge and transfers configuration results into the process chain.

  • Internationally leading company
  • Develops, produces and sells balcony glazing, sliding systems for every interior and exterior, windows, doors, winter gardens, terraces, roofs, facades
  • For specialized trade, metalworkers, installation companies

Efficiently Transferring Configuration Results into the new ERP System

Sunparadiese has developed an internal web application together with Intelliact to transfer configuration results easily and efficiently into their new ERP system. In spite of having different configuration systems in use - both purchased and developed by Sunparadise - the company has succeeded in remarkably reducing the throughput time of orders while significantly increasing the quality of their order entries.

Right side: Highly flexible winter garden product CUBO, which offers customers maximum flexibility for their requirements © Sunparadise
Right side: Highly flexible winter garden product CUBO, which offers customers maximum flexibility for their requirements © Sunparadise

Challenge: Diverse configuration solutions

For several Sunparadise products and product lines, configuration solutions exist which record the customer's requirements (dimensions, equipment requests, etc.) in a structured manner, calculate costs and derive the production documents (parts lists, drawings). Sunparadise now introduced a new powerful ERP system at all company locations and faced the challenge of transferring calculated parts lists from these different configuration systems into the new ERP system.

Implemented: Web application with interface to ERP

In cooperation with Sunparadise, Intelliact has developed a web application that enables the various "output formats" of the configuration systems (Logical, KKP, various in-house developments) to be adopted. It was important to correctly interpret the information in the different output formats that had grown over the years and to transfer it into a newly defined uniform parts list structure. The web application can now be maintained and extended completely independently of the ERP system - without having to adapt the core functions of the ERP system.

Benefits for Sunparadise

Best product quality with shortest order processing time

The new web application significantly increases the Sunparadise product quality, as the configuration results are automatically transferred to the ERP system. In addition, the new solution reduces order processing time, since the results are transferred to the ERP system very quickly and in the correct form.

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