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Optimise B2B ordering process and configure products

How an easy-to-use sales app for IFS makes the ERP system more efficient for internal and external users.

  • World market leader in textile quality management
  • Founded in Uster in 1875
  • Customers in 75 countries
  • Sales and service in many markets
  • More than 3.5 million user systems installed worldwide


Product configuration with just a few clicks and easy spare parts purchasing

When Uster Technologies AG decided to switch its ERP system from SAP to IFS for licensing and cost reasons, the company decided to develop its own, easy-to-use client solution for IFS. This was because the standard user interfaces for IFS were too complex and overloaded for the specific needs of Uster's users - primarily its own sales representatives in the field and distributors around the world. The aim was to use a newly developed and designed sales app to offer only the functions required for configuring laboratory systems, purchasing spare parts, and creating quotations. Intelliact AG was commissioned with the technical realisation of the new app.

Advantages of the sales app at a glance:

  • On-site configuration:
    Sales staff can configure the products directly at and with the customer without VPN access to Uster
  • Integrated webshop for spare parts and quotation:
    Distributors can quote spare parts worldwide directly via the app and have them printed out as a PDF or Word file.
  • Simple operation even for occasional users:
    Hardly any training is required as the app can be operated intuitively
  • Proprietary solution,
    focussed exclusively on the necessary functionalities for Uster users


Sales app with spare parts web shop and product configuration

In the run-up to the app development, Intelliact conducted several workshops with Uster Technologies AG to understand the company's requirements and goals. It was also important to clarify which user groups use the system and what specific requirements these users have. The user groups were mapped with personas and the two central customer journeys were defined together:

1 Configuration of Uster products

Product configuration is accessed via the dashboard, which provides an overview of existing offers. With just a few clicks, sales staff can define parameters such as customer name, currency and delivery date and create new offers for equipment and spare parts. Individual products can then be selected and customised. The core element for configuring products is the reloading of possible variants and options. This process is interactive and the entire logic comes from the IFS as the "single source of truth". Once the entire product has been configured according to customer requirements, the salesperson can print out the offer as a PDF or Word file.

2 Webshop for spare parts

In the webshop, distributors can select all spare parts directly in the desired quantity. If a product is not available, a corresponding message appears. As soon as the distributor has placed all parts in the shopping basket, they also have the option of creating IFS Sales Quotations themselves directly via the sales app.


Ensure security, simplicity and maximum benefit for all users

In addition to the precise definition and implementation of user requirements, the main challenges also included security. The sales app is not freely accessible but only intended for Uster's sales staff and distributors. The app is accessed via the Internet without having to disclose the entire ERP to the outside world. Accordingly, user authentication and authorisation for access to various content were important tasks in the development of the sales app.

Another challenge was to develop an app that had as little logic of its own as possible so that no silo solution was created. Neither data nor functions or rules are redundant in the Uster Sales app but originate exclusively from the ERP. In short: IFS, the underlying ERP system, is the "single source of truth" and there is no duplicate data maintenance. It was also important to ensure the seamless integration of the solution into the existing processes for sales managers, back office, and engineering.

Today, the Uster Sales app is live and in use worldwide. The solution is being continuously developed and expanded in close collaboration with Uster Technologies AG.

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