Case Study

Product information for clients and employees

Directly from the ‘Digital Product’

  • One of the leading manufacturers of glass packaging in Europe
  • Publicly listed family business in Switzerland
  • More than 3'000 employees
  • Eight glass-works in Europe
  • Glass companies in seven countries and nine languages


Vetropack manufactures in seven countries and communicates in nine languages. In the past, data was inefficiently and redundantly stored multiple times across several different systems.

The operation of the ERP system involved extensive training for employees and system specialists had to be consulted.

A typical problem for Product Information Management Systems (PIM) is that data is not displayed in real time and must be manually reconciled.

Goal: User-specific data and information

Vetropack’s goal was to harmonize the system: product information needed to be managed and distributed centrally, and be easily accessible to customers in the general public, as well as to authorized employees.

Existing data was processed in a variety of systems and displayed via a user-specific web application.

Today, Vetropack can centrally display master and transaction data from both the ERP and the production information system (ProdInfo) of the respective user group via an intuitive web-user interface.

Implemented: Product information in real time

Product information is made available to employees via the product information system (Pisys) and to clients through the catalog.

Amongst other, the following options are available to clients: search, filter, sort, and compare products, view alternative products, download articles as PDFs, or share them online.

As soon as a customer requests a product via the catalog, a Vetropack employee receives this request via Pisys and can then process it internally.

Intuitive operation without training

  • Employees maintain data efficiently only in their ERP and production systems.
  • The catalog generates its contents (texts and pictures) from these systems without storing them separately in the catalog.
  • Thanks to web applications, Vetropack employees and customers now have a simple, fast, clear, and user-group-specific overview of the product range.
  • Training is no longer necessary, which saves time and money.
  • Search, filter, and sort functions help to easily arrange desired information and a single click lets you download it as a report.
  • ‘Selections’, similar to a shopping-cart function, can be shared and edited in real time. These collaboration options support both internal and external cooperation.
  • Production reports created in the production information system are now easily accessible via the web catalog and can be interpreted and read by all users.
  • Production orders for an article can be grouped by production line and sorted via filters. They can also display planned orders, customers and their purchase orders, as well as retrieve information regarding current stock levels.

Short video about the Digital Product Catalog

Digital Transformation

With strong partners

Together with Intelliact, Vetropack is setting the bar in digital transformation: the new ‘Digital Product Catalog’ (, with more than 1,000 glass packaging options, across seven countries in nine languages.

Business partner, CAS, provided the data processing on the ERP side. CAS integrated all information from the existing ERP system.

Intelliact coordinated the overall project and, in cooperation with Eyekon, conceived and developed the web application Pisys that obtains real-time data from existing systems and thus, reflects the current product data from third-party systems.

Production reports, article plans and much more are now just a few clicks away for all employees in the company.

The web application offers two views: one for publicly available information and another for internal use only.

The important pre-requisite before the project implementation was completed to Vetropack’s satisfaction: the company classified individual products very precisely by means of features and extended texts in ERP, e.g. bottle volume, color and other production information at different production plants.

We would be happy to assist you in networking your departments' product data with our ‘Digital Product’ concept, even beyond the boundaries of your company if required.

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