Andi Rückauer

Senior Application Engineer

«People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it» [Chinese proverb]

  • I bring with me my diversified industry knowledge - from multi-channel e-commerce to production planning and control as an Application Engineer - and have worked at Intelliact since 2018.
  • I am characterized by my concentrated know-how in conception, development and project management.
  • Already during the process analysis, I can create a digital image in my head and I am able to identify the advantages.
  • I really get going when I implement solutions to tricky situations.
  • When I am not relaxing with my family in my own garden, I am most likely to be behind the camera or in, on or under water.
This is me:
  • autodidact
  • analyst
  • eagle-eyed
  • night photography specialist
  • rescue diver
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