Dr. Christian Bacs

Senior Consultant
Dipl. Mech.Eng. ETH
Dr. Christian Bacs

"In a good PLM concept, the system supports the employee, not the other way around."

Enthusiasm for product structuring and mechatronics has a name at Intelliact: Christian Bacs.

  • I have worked at Intelliact since 2008 as Senior Consultant.
  • I studied Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zürich with specializations in "Digital Product Development" and "Robotics" and also earned my doctorate at ETH in the field of PLM and Mechatronics.
  • Passionate about sharing my extensive knowledge - also as a lecturer in the Master's programme at the Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering, at OST Rapperswil and at the University of Applied Sciences in Furtwangen.
  • I spend my free time with my family and I thrive on playing with Lego with my children. I have a flair for cooking and an eye for design.
This is me:
  • detail lover
  • planning and making
  • wordplay
  • Lego and beautiful things
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