Software Engineering

Georgios Kiouplidis

Senior Software Engineer
BSc Machine Technology | Innovation

"Life is about the journey and less about the destination."

  • An IoT project during the course of study (Maschinen technology/ Innovation, HSR Rapperswil) led to contact with Intelliact in 2016 and ultimately to a transfer as Application Engineer.
  • Since then, I have been laying siege to the desks in the office, making one or the other server unsafe via remote connection.
  • I originally studied electronics and finished in 2005.
  • I am also engaged electronically in my free time as an electric guitarist.
  • Determined to enlighten mankind with my own songs in the near future. Unless the silence of meditating convinces me otherwise before then.
  • I am often traveling abroad, so that Switzerland can always sleep in peace.
This is me:
  • MOOC's Fan
  • reliable
  • optimiser
  • serene
  • hobbyist musician
  • Wannabe spiritualist
  • travel
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