Jens Byland

Strategic Consultant & Partner

"Since joining Intelliact, I feel that I am adding real value to the MEM industry. I find this exciting and motivating."

  • Since 2003, I have guided the fortunes of Intelliact as the Strategic Consultant & Partner.
  • Spent many evenings at the evening technicon in Zurich. I earned my degree in Mechanical Engineering from there, which I supplemented after a while with an NDS in business administration.
  • Developed machinery and equipment for various companies.
  • From 1995 onwards I got into technical computer science, first with a CAD/PDM service provider, then with one of the major PLM providers.
  • I have been a motorcyclist since the age of 12, and am today a passionate Enduro driver. During my travels, I developed a taste for cooking and finding appropriate wines.
  • Spend my time with family and friends and now and then with my guitar.
This is me:
  • sociable
  • optimizing
  • advisory
  • biker
  • food and wine fanatic
  • guitarist
  • traveller
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