Dr. Martin Probst

Senior Consultant
Dipl. Mech.Eng. ETH,

"You have to make things as easy as possible. But not easier." [Albert Einstein]

  • I studied Mechanical Engineering at ETH Zurich and was then fully able to explore my fascination with mechatronic products in my dissertation.
  • I developed a model for recording the PLM maturity level in my EMBA work in 2016.
  • Since 2010, Intelliact customers have been making use of my many years of field experience in optimizing operational processes in product development.
  • I find balance in playing jazz piano or the "Schwyzerörgeli" (a type of Swiss accordion).
  • I spend my free time with my family, I like sport and enjoy spending time in the mountains.
This is me:
  • Performer
  • Sprinter
  • Strategy
  • Nature-lover
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