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Product data evolve to effective team players if they are inherently consistent. Together, they form the foundation for creating new benefits: shorter time-to-prototype or time-to-market, more profound custom solutions, customer relationships, and many more.

Product data for new digital solutions

These days, all business areas (Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Production, and Service), may capitalise on digital solutions to accelerate processes. Real benefits may be created if role-specific information and product data (from other departments) are available in real-time.

This is made possible by appropriately connected software systems that allow automated data synchronization between them, without redundant data storage. We assist you in making your product data ready for new digital solutions!

Knowing what is important

As soon as your product data become agile and consistent, they allow for communicating and interacting with each other, unlocking new potential.

Marketing and Sales: Deepening relationships and offering new digital services

  • Digital "showrooms" enable customers to get to know their products in an attractive way. The digitisation of the sales process increases efficiency and improves the quality of customer collaboration. For example, this enables sales to grasp and assess the impact of a requested modification. Such input you the potential to deepen your customer relationships and offer added value together with your products through new digital services.

Engineering & Production: Role-oriented presentation

  • Network your product data across different enterprise applications and create a role-based, need-oriented presentation of information. This accelerates your internal processes, for example in change management, increases transparency and may shorten your time-to-market.

Service: Knowing what the customer has in use

  • Consistent product data and well-organised product structures are an essential prerequisite for efficient service management. Only those who know which version of a product or system is in use at a customer can ultimately benefit fully from IoT or the Digital Twin. 

Our services

Architecture for the digital platform

As a product data specialist, we understand your Products, know your business processes (Unternehmensprozesse) and your Tools (PUT). Our PUT method, combined with our interdisciplinary skills, our specific IT knowledge and our extensive experience in digital transformation, enable us to design the right architecture for your product data. It builds on your existing enterprise applications and links them and other software systems. We also take into account the fundamental requirements for authorisation, permissions & data security, multilingualism and media management.

Concept, specification, definition of apps/solutions

We define requirements for specific applications based on the user story or the business case from Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Production or Service. Ensuring a good user experience leads to tools or websites working as intended without the need for training. To reach this goal, we aggregate and connect data from existing applications (best-in-class tools) in order to achieve a consistent data flow without redundancy. We have been able to develop and optimise our best-practice approaches in hundreds of projects - neutral and independent of providers.

Implementation of web applications

We aggregate the data and functions of your existing applications in the web application developed by us and selected Best-in-Class tools in the web application we develop.

The case study of the Vetropack Group provides an insight into how the company has succeeded in accelerating internal processes and significantly reducing their time-to-market. Together with Intelliact, Vetropack has set a milestone in Digital Transformation - with the new "Digital Product Catalog" for more than 1,000 types of glass packaging for seven countries in nine languages.

The web application draws real-time data from several existing systems.

The application provides two different views: one with publicly available information and another view for internal use in order to support the customer in the sales process in the best possible way.

Whatever your requirements may be, we look forward to creating digital added value together with you.

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