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Optimise the system landscape

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools must be able to adapt to each manufacturing environment. The necessary linking of product data and tools in a manufacturing company poses some challenges, but those who delve into this phenomenon more deeply can uncover enormous potential.

Fragmented system landscape: scalable, dynamic, and flexible in design

Existing tools can only cover new functional requirements to a certain extent. Accordingly, new products are constantly being used, which makes the system landscape increasingly fragmented. Add redundant data and product information that costs money, as well as multiple processes that slow things down, and the challenge escalates. Do you have a complete overview of your system and processes?

Know what's important

Whether in product data management, throughout the product lifecycle or in the value chain, our PLM experts will help you keep track of it all. We identify your potential and develop concrete recommendations for action.

Our services

Identify and evaluate potential

We analyze your products, processes and tools. From this, we can identify potential and the specifics of conceptual, technical solutions and a cost-benefit analysis. Our comprehensive, in-depth and up-to-the-minute knowledge combined with our proven methods form the solid foundation for this work.

Show the full picture

Using a system matrix and roadmap, we can illustrate which systems map onto which tasks and data flows. Due to the partially overlapping functionalities of the systems, different solution variants are offered and evaluated on the basis of their potentials. We will transfer the most suitable solution to you as a detailed PLM roadmap; you can then use a digitization maturity model to identify your current status and future development.

Evaluation of solutions

We use information flows to illustrate different situations along with the PLM roadmap to evaluate the right software, technologies, and business applications. Longlists, shortlists of the relevant systems/technologies and a final benchmark are used. Our many years of experience with system-independent concepts provide valuable services in order to identify the various options for the respective tool combinations, and to make appropriate recommendations.


After the evaluation of the system landscape, we concretize and detail the use cases (based on our best-practice approach) and assign these to the software systems. Based on the use cases and the detailed concept, we create the specifications for the selected systems, their integration and the interfaces. The use cases also form the basis for testing the implementation.

Implementation and quality assurance

We implement the concepts within the enterprise systems - so you get everything from a single source. Or we ensure that external providers understand the concepts and implement them accordingly. Either way, we actively assist you with a successful completion, conduct tests and approve systems with you.

Data migration

We offer in-depth knowledge of commercial IT tools, in-house developed tools and a well-founded methodology, which we have constantly refined in dozens of migration projects. Experience has shown that the complexity of data migration, such as import and export of legacy data (3D, CAD structures, articles, documents and parts lists), is often underestimated. We know how to analyze and prepare data so that it can be imported into the new IT tools.

As independent PLM specialists, we find tailor-made solutions for your products and processes in order to optimize your system landscape.

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