Case Study IWC

From a local PLM environment to a group-wide platform

Although the product is purely mechanical, digitalisation plays an important role in the product life cycle.

  • Swiss luxury watch manufacturer
  • Founded in Schaffhausen in 1868
  • More than 200 watchmakers and service technicians in 25 countries maintain and repair IWC watches
  • Millions of original spare parts

The successful implementation of the holistic PLM approach at IWC led to a significant increase in efficiency in product development. Flexible adaptation to changing market conditions and the ability to react quickly to customer requirements were significantly improved.

The integration of IWC solutions into the Richemont Group structure enabled seamless collaboration between different brands and departments. The standardised PLM approach enabled synergies to be effectively exploited and communication and the flow of information to be improved.


Product structure and tools

The challenge was a complete tool changeover in CAD and PDM as well as a change in the product structure (no separation of watch with strap and watch without strap for logistical reasons).

Implemented by Intelliact

Accompanying the transfer of the IWC solution to the Richemont solution

  • Assessment of the differences in the working methods of various companies within the Richemont Group
  • Comparison of IWC solutions and Richemont Group solutions
  • Assessment of which IWC concepts are sensibly implemented in the group solution
  • Accompanying the transfer of the IWC solution to the Richemont solution
Benefits for IWC

Holistic PLM approach

  • Maximum flexibility within the Richemont Group for the exchange of development expertise
  • Basis set for group-wide digitalisation solutions

"Digital product" in development

  • Definition of a target image,
  • Implementation of processes, tools and product structures that enable the efficient development of new products based on defined and available design guidelines

"Digital product" in a globally distributed group in development, production and service

Benefits in development

  • Availability of good practice design solutions,
  • Efficient 3D CAD design,
  • Efficient and direct integration of mechanical processing

Benefits in further phases

  • Verfügbarkeit von Know How über verschiedene Standorte der Uhrenentwicklung
  • Verfügbarkeit sämtlicher Entwicklungs- und Produktionsinformationen einer einzelnen Uhr

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