Giesserei event 2019

Event under the sign of the "Digital Product"

At our customer event in the foundry, we experienced a practical program and concentrated knowledge packed into three exciting and vivid presentations as well as intensive networking. Impressions & Highlights:

The Giesserei event 2019 in pictures

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Giesserei-Anlass 2018

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E-Commerce at Compona - the implementation from the project manager's point of view

Speaker: Thomas Knellwolf, System / Data Manager and QM, Compona AG

Why is an existing catalogue with an e-shop, which makes thousands of products available to customers, being replaced by a completely new solution? Thomas Knellwolf, Data Manager and QM at Compona AG, gave us first-hand insights into preliminary considerations, decisions and project experiences. He implemented the Compona e-commerce project with Intelliact, which this year three prizes at the "Best of Swiss Web Award" won.

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Possibilities and limitations of 3D visualization on the web based on CAD

Speakers: Dr. Patrick Henseler, Senior Consultant, Managing Director & Marco Egli, Senior Consultant, Intelliact AG

What do 3D visualizations on the web have to do with CAD? Some things: In particular, they have similar 3D models and the same geometric relationships. And yet it takes several steps on the continuous path from CAD to the visualization of a configurable product on the Web. Intelliact showed which steps these are, which vendors are specialized for which steps and how they can be automated. We discussed the current possibilities, trends and limitations of 3D visualization on the web based on CAD using the reference architecture for the "digital product".

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Additive Manufacturing - new concepts for process chains and user-oriented CAD models

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Ing. Mirko Meboldt, Professor of Product Development and Design, ETH Zurich

Who needs 3D printing? And how can Artificial Intelligence (AI) support development for 3D printing and simplify process chain concepts? The new production methods allow for other design options. We enjoy new freedoms in CAD modeling, but it is also becoming more complex - AI is therefore becoming increasingly important in modeling technology. We took valuable knowledge and experience with us from Prof. Dr. Ing. Mirko Meboldt, Professor of Product Development and Design at ETH Zurich, on the subject of additive manufacturing: new concepts for process chains as well as user-oriented CAD models.

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