Create competitive advantage

Accelerate processes

Connected, well-structured product data play an increasingly important role for manufacturing companies - whether as a basis for decision-making or as a competitive advantage. Once such a maturity level has been reached, product data may enable real added value and yield profit: in Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Production, and Service.

Creating benefits through connection

Nowadays, digitisation and connection of product data are essential prerequisites for optimising business processes and offering customer-specific digital services. Display your products within the "digital showroom", speed up your sales process by digitally connecting your customers with your company's specialists, or provide to your customer's simple ways to order spare parts directly and hassle-free.

Know what is important

Intelliact makes it possible to connect your product data in such a way that a digital flow of information between customers and marketing, sales, engineering, production as well as service and customers can be achieved. Well-structured and connected product data form the basic requirement for future digital services in the company, and personalized services ensuring customer loyalty.

Accelerate internal processes

  • Optimise and connect product data from every department
  • Build bridges between departments by making product data
  • Eliminate multiple data entries by linked product data
  • Lower the error rate with consistent information flow
  • Get more transparency and increase information content by dynamically aggregating and connecting product data from different software systems

Improve customer relationships

  • By providing solutions for guided online product configuration and project definition by involving your customers
  • By presenting comprehensive information about your products, such as online lists of spare parts
  • By product supplements as digital services such us augmented reality
  • By online information supporting the operation of your products (for example, performance optimisation of the machine based on IoT)

Our services

Digitisation analysis

We analyse your company's practices and current state in terms of structuring and connecting product data. Applying our well-proven methodology we analyse your products, processes, and IT tools. Relying on our longtime experience from numerous projects we propose to you practical and scalable potentials for action that are aligned with your business strategy. Ultimately, the proceeding for realising the proposed potentials will be structured using an implementation roadmap.

Analysis of PLM maturity

Using a broad range of methodologies, we analyse the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) maturity in terms of strategy and policies, management and control, organisation and processes, people and culture, information technology, as well as customer integration. This in-depth analysis will reveal how you compare to other companies. Together we elaborate appropriate measures to increase your PLM maturity. PLM is a fundamental concept for any business that seeks to deliver superior performance along the entire (global) value chain.

Implementing the strategy

We will show you which foundations must first be laid in your company in order to successfully implement your strategy. For example, what measures are needed to be able to offer and configure products online in the future? Together, we define measures to achieve your goals.

Set the tone of your digital future. Accelerate your processes and take advantage of new opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.

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